Emerging Markets


The Emerging Markets fund will focus on investing in companies that derive most of their revenue from outside of the United States. Some important geographies to consider and analyze will be Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. The fund structure will have an educational component with weekly lectures and discussions surrounding different regions of the world and current events. The expectation for analysts in the fund will be to keep up with the educational materials, follow through with all fund responsibilities, and meaningfully contribute to dialogue surrounding portfolio management.


  • Geographies: South Asia, East/Southeast Asia, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Europe

  • EM Indexes and Funds

  • Asset Allocation Strategies

  • Basic Overview of Debt (cap structure, covenants, overhang, loan structures, public v. private)

  • LBO Modeling

  • Cash Sweep Modeling

  • Real Estate NAV Modeling

  • Private Equity Investing Strategies

  • Financial Sponsors M&A Overview/Case Study

  • Venture Capital Investing Strategies

  • Startup Valuation/Dilution

  • IPO Process Start to Finish (roadshows, bidding, etc.)

  • M&A Process Start to Finish

  • Activist Investing/Takeover Defense

Current Holdings

Fund Managers

Dhruv Dhuper, Pranidhi Dadhaniya, Prakruti Govindacharyula, Peter Huang