Joining USIT


Curious to learn more? Please fill out this form if you’re interested in receiving updates regarding upcoming events and our recruiting timeline. Stop by our general meetings, held every Tuesday in GSB 2.120 from 8pm-9pm. Your first two meetings are free. If you like what we do, you can pay for dues here:


When paying dues, fill out the linked survey. If you do not, your dues payment will not be processed. 

For details on how to become a member of USIT's Strategic Capital Croup (SCG) or Director Board please visit the respective team description pages. Only due paying members will be considered during the recruitment process. Paying dues is also a pre-requisite to joining USIT Analyst Groups and Industry Funds.

What We Offer

Analyst Groups

Analyst groups are essential to the core learning experience at USIT. Members join analyst groups at the beginning of the semester and are paired with a Senior Analyst in the Strategic Capital Group. Members learn about important financial topics in a small-team collaborative environment. Analyst groups help USIT general members attain a comprehensive understanding of undergraduate finance while preparing them for further opportunities within Funds, the Strategic Capital Group, and Board. Look for sign-ups in the Fall!


Stock pitches are a great way for members to apply the knowledge gained through Analyst Groups and Funds. Teams of general members research, select, and present an investment opportunity to USIT's general membership. Our pitch teams are led by seasoned USIT members, so there is no experience required to join! Pitch sign-ups will open up again in the Fall.


Senior USIT members teach long-form symposiums, open to all members covering technical topics such as "Discounted Cash Flow Modeling" and "Accounting 101" as well as career oriented topics like "Success as an Intern" and "Resume Review". These symposiums provide a more formative learning experience for USIT members that prefer an in-depth dive into a variety of financial topics.


USIT offers socials to interact, network, and develop lasting friendships with your peers; be it through member dinners downtown, outdoor kayaking, picnicking and soccer, or even paintball. Look out for the next social in our weekly general meeting newsletter!