This fund will cover investment opportunities in the healthcare sector, including health insurers, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and hospitals. Due to the broad nature of this sector, as well as the rapid evolution of healthcare, analysts will be expected to keep up with the latest industry developments. Analysts will also gain a detailed understanding of the major players that affect pricing in the healthcare financial market, including the government and managed care organizations. 


  • Healthcare Primer

  • Accounting Review with Healthcare Metrics

  • Financial Statement Modeling

  • Valuation: DCF, LBO, M&A, Multiples

  • Investment Research: Resources and Process

  • Data Applications in Healthcare Investing

  • Pharmaceuticals and Major Firms

  • Medical Technology

  • Healthcare Services

  • Healthcare Thesis Generation

  • Healthcare Revenue Build

  • Healthcare Legislation / Political Ramifications

  • Industry Trends: Spotting & Monetizing

Current holdings

Portfolio managers

Harvey Cornell, Matt Hopp, Arun Krishnaraj